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photo of Christine Thurston

About Christine Thurston, MS, LMFT

License #: LF61134197

All people experience problems and at times we all need someone that we can trust to assist us with those challenges. As a therapist, my approach is accepting, empathetic, and flexible, and I strive to form a relationship with my clients that is built on trust and respect. I believe in working collaboratively with my clients, together identifying the growth and change that they desire for their lives. I work to help my clients uncover their internal resources and strengths and to expand their understanding of their experiences in order to empower them to make the changes that they desire.

Though I am committed to helping people with all manner of difficulties and personal challenges, I am particularly adept at helping people suffering from depression/anxiety, clients confronting women’s issues, and couples therapy. I also have specialized experience in helping people facing the unique challenges of acute and chronic illness, especially cancer.

Although a white American woman, I have diverse and unique life experiences, as well as, formal specialized education in multiculturalism and diversity issues. I bring a cultural sensitivity and awareness to therapy and I welcome the opportunity to engage with people who have different backgrounds, histories, and cultures than mine.

Issues of focus:

Integrative Therapeutic approaches